DIGITAGS - the smart and interactive price label

The digital and smart price label from DIGITAGS is the environmentally friendly, efficient and cost saving solution for frequent price adjustments.

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All price changes and product innovations can be adjusted and managed easily and immediately with the help of the unique DIGITAGS-CMS.

The prices and offers can be edited centrally and individually controlled. This smart solution minimizes the employees’ working costs, saves on paper costs, and guarantees that the correct prices and product details are available everywhere and at all times.

The dynamic, high resolution and energy saving displays from DIGITAGS improve the customers’ shopping experience and automatically lead to higher conversion rates and an increased brand capacity.

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DIGITAGS - The software

The management of the individual price labels is ensured with the innovative and web-based content management system of DIGITAGS. With the help of the CMS the individual price labels can be managed and adjusted with extreme ease.

Editing the prices and product details is possible on the display itself and by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone when mobile. The DIGITAGS software was developed to enable rapid and reliable price management and control and for the purpose of maintenance optimization.

Digitags Software

DIGITAGS - The product family

  • DIGITAGS Pricetag 6 Inch

    6 inches

  • DIGITAGS Pricetag 7 Inch

    7 inches

  • DIGITAGS Pricetag 10 Inch

    10 inches

  • DIGITAGS Pricetag 15 Inch

    15 inches

  • DIGITAGS Pricetag 20 Inch

    20 inches


DIGITAGS - An overview of its benefits

Flexible administration

Price and product details can be edited centrally and remotely


Save paper, save time, save money

Positive customer experience

Touch-screen function ensures an interactive experience for the customer

Customer satisfaction

Enhancing the personal purchasing decision and therefore more satisfied customers


The possibility to rent price labels as advertising space


Valuable evaluations and statistics to monitor the sales activities